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2016 1099 Year-End Reporting

Identify & Document Your Payee

  • Learn the MOST IMPORTANT Decision in 1099 Reporting
  • Determine if your payee is an employee or independent contractor for compliance in 2016
  • Identify the MOST IMPORTANT 1099 acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Understand the NEW W-9 Form and update your policy for soliciting forms in 2016.
  • Find out how to determine exempt payees and identify documentation the auditor will require.
  • Learn how to review W-9 Forms from individuals, LLC’s, corporations, disregarded entities and DBA’s to insure they are accurate.
  • Identify the 7 critical lines on the NEW W-9 Form-NEW
  • Review Best Practices for setting up an AUDIT PROOF Vendor Master File-NEW

Determine 1099 Reportable Payments

  • Identify critical 1099 reporting concepts to insure accurate reporting in 2016.
  • Find out when to report software licenses, subscriptions, donations, memberships, moving expenses, attorney payments and other gray area payments.
  • Identify 1099 reportable payments for 2016 with an “At A Glance List”.
  • Learn the 10 Most Important Tips for reporting settlements in 2016
  • Understand the reporting implications of making payments on behalf of others.

Understand Important Forms And Boxes

  • Understand the NEW 2016 1099-MISC Form-Box by Box.
  • Find out how to determine the correct form and box to report payments.
  • Identify NEW 2016 changes and updates for all your 1099 Forms
  • Review sample transactions and determine correct 2015 forms and boxes for reporting.

Clarify Gray Areas Of 1099 Reporting

  • Learn the Best Practices for filing your 2016 1099 Forms.
  • Update your 2016 B-Notice Policy.
  • Take home a 2016 State Reporting Chart and New Hire Reporting Update.
  • Find out how the IRS Combined Federal/State filing system really works.
  • Insure your expense reimbursements and fringe benefits are updated for 2016
  • Review the NEW 2016 IRS Audit Guidelines to insure you are in compliance

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