Don’t miss our 1099 Hot Topic Webinar: Reporting Attorney Payments, Lawsuits, and Settlements on August 10, 2015. This 2-hour webinar is a must for all information reporters-Review the UPDATED  2015 Audit Guidelines.

Learn exactly what the IRS auditor will require for documentation for your settlements. Find out what you can say to an attorney who tells you they cannot provides details of settlements-claiming Attorney-Client Privileges! Finally understand whats reportable and what Form to report in.  Understand who is required to file the 1099 Form for settlements, awards, and attorney payments.  Identify when payroll is responsible for filing forms.

 Everyone must understand the implications of FATCA  (Chapter 4 IRC) and NRA  Reporting (Chapter 3 IRC) in 2015. Insure you are in compliance and prepared for the auditor.  We have made it as easy as 1-2-3.

Register for  1042-S Reporting for Beginners On-Line Seminar & 1042-S Reporting for Experts On-Line Seminar- CHECK your August  TRAINING Calendar TODAY!

DON’T FORGET-  1099 Year End Reporting 2015 Seminars and 1042-S Year End Reporting 2015 Seminars begin in SEPTEMBER. Reserve your seat TODAY!


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