5 REASONS not to miss our 1099 Update Webinar and 1099 Year End Reporting Seminar in 2016!

  1. Expect the IRS to release a NEW 2016 W-9 Form this summer. Find out how the NEW version will impact your W-9 soliciting and verification process.
  2. Substantial increase in penalties for incorrect 1099 Forms in 2016.  Find out how to insure your 1099 Forms are correct before you send them to the IRS!
  3. New filing date for payments reported in Box 7 for 2016.  Don’t wait until year end to determine how to track and sort different payments for correct reporting in 2016.
  4. Coming Soon-Proposed legislation will require almost every company to file 1099 Forms electronically with the IRS. Find out how and when this will affect your 1099 reporting. NOW is the time to consider electronic filing for your payees and the IRS.
  5. Understand the NEW changes for extensions- Time is running out  for extensions for filing 1099 Forms with the IRS.

2016 1099 Year-End Reporting

Identify & Document Your Payee

  • Learn the MOST IMPORTANT Decision in 1099 Reporting
  • Determine if your payee is an employee or independent contractor for compliance in 2016
  • Identify the MOST IMPORTANT 1099 acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Understand the NEW W-9 Form and update your policy for soliciting forms in 2016.
  • Find out how to determine exempt payees and identify documentation the auditor will require.
  • Learn how to review W-9 Forms from individuals, LLC’s, corporations, disregarded entities and DBA’s to insure they are accurate.
  • Identify the 7 critical lines on the NEW W-9 Form-NEW
  • Review Best Practices for setting up an AUDIT PROOF Vendor Master File-NEW

Determine 1099 Reportable Payments

  • Identify critical 1099 reporting concepts to insure accurate reporting in 2016.
  • Find out when to report software licenses, subscriptions, donations, memberships, moving expenses, attorney payments and other gray area payments.
  • Identify 1099 reportable payments for 2016 with an “At A Glance List”.
  • Learn the 10 Most Important Tips for reporting settlements in 2016
  • Understand the reporting implications of making payments on behalf of others.

Understand Important Forms And Boxes

  • Understand the NEW 2016 1099-MISC Form-Box by Box.
  • Find out how to determine the correct form and box to report payments.
  • Identify NEW 2016 changes and updates for all your 1099 Forms
  • Review sample transactions and determine correct 2015 forms and boxes for reporting.

Clarify Gray Areas Of 1099 Reporting

  • Learn the Best Practices for filing your 2016 1099 Forms.
  • Update your 2016 B-Notice Policy.
  • Take home a 2016 State Reporting Chart and New Hire Reporting Update.
  • Find out how the IRS Combined Federal/State filing system really works.
  • Insure your expense reimbursements and fringe benefits are updated for 2016
  • Review the NEW 2016 IRS Audit Guidelines to insure you are in compliance

If these dates and times don’t work for your schedule order a 1099 or 1042-S Seminar or Webinar recording and train your entire staff!

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