2014 1099 Year End Seminars

2014 1042-S Year End Seminars**New**

FATCA Withholding begins July, 1 2014. Are you ready? Attend our 1042-S Reporting for Beginners On-Line Seminar to find out the BIG change in NRA Reporting. Attend our 1042-S Reporting for Experts/FATCA Compliance 2014 to find out the best way to compliance!

The IRS has issued final W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E, W-8ECI, W-8EXP forms to be used for both Chapter 3(NRA) documentation and Chapter 4(FATCA) documentation. Don’t miss our HOT TOPIC WEBINAR-2014 NEW Payee Documentation.

Register for our 1042-S Year End Reporting Seminar for all the final year end changes. Available on-line too!


2014 Seminars and Online Classes


2014 1099 Year End Reporting Live Seminar 

2014 1099 Year-End Reporting Online

1042-S Reporting Live Seminar 2014

1042-S Reporting 2014 Online

1099 Reporting for Beginners

1099 Reporting for Experts Online Class  

1042-S Reporting For Beginners   

1042-S Reporting For Experts and FATCA 


 1099 Webinars 

Hot Topic: 2014 New Payee Documentation Requirements NEW W-8 Forms/W-9

Identify and Understand Your Payees and Payments

Master the 3 Most Important Tools in 1099 Reporting

Payments on Behalf of Others

Payment Types, Forms and the Most Overlooked Boxes -1099MISC, INT, DIV, 

Preparing for Year-End


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