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2014 Seminars and Online Classes


The IRS began sending 972-CG Proposed Penalty Notices this week. Order our 2014  IRS Penalty Notice Guide to understand how to abate your penalty the first time around!

St. Louis, MO  1099 Year End Seminar- October 13, 2014.  1042-S Year End Reporting Seminars in Denver, CO- Houston, TX- Orange County, CA  and Manhattan, NY.


1099 Year End Reporting Live Seminar 2014 

1099 Year-End Reporting Online 2014

1042-S Reporting Live Seminar 2014

1042-S Year-End Reporting Online 2014

1099 Reporting for Beginners

1099 Reporting for Experts Online Class  

1042-S Reporting For Beginners   

1042-S/FATCA Reporting 


 1099 Webinars 

Hot Topic: 2014 New Payee Documentation Requirements NEW W-8 Forms/W-9

1099 UPDATE: How FATCA Changes 1099 Reporting

1099 Basics

Identify and Understand Your Payees and Payments

Master the 3 Most Important Tools in 1099 Reporting

Payments on Behalf of Others

Payment Types, Forms and the Most Overlooked Boxes -1099MISC, INT, DIV, 

Preparing for Year-End

What is the difference between an S Corp, C Corp, and an LLC?

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