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Post-Seminar Support
All of our 2014 Live and Online Seminars include follow-up support from our experts.

Post Seminar Support

All of our Year-End Seminars (Live or Online) include support through February 28, 2015.

IRS released NEW 2015 W-9 FORM to be used as of January 1, 2015. MAJOR CHANGES in W-9 Solicitation Requirements. Register for our HOT TOPIC:NEW 2015 Form W-9 in March to understand the implications of the NEW Form W-9.



2014 Year-End Reporting Online

1042-S Year-End Reporting Online 2014 

1099 Year-End Reporting Online 2014 


Get the latest 2014 1099 updates! 1099 policies and procedures you can use immediately. Find out how FATCA changes 1099 Reporting.  Identify the changes to the NEW W-9 Form. Understand the changes you must make for 2014 B-Notices. This one day seminar is full of information and tools to make 1099 Reporting a breeze in 2014!

If you missed our live seminar don’t miss our Online Seminars.

  • We cover the same agenda as our Live Seminar.
  • You receive the exact same materials in digital format.
  • You will have access to the same Post Seminar Support.
  • You can attend from the comfort of your own workspace.
  • Seminars are spread over two or three days so you have time for those work emergencies that keep you busy.
  • Every Online seminar includes question and answer time.
  • You’ll receive a hyperlink after the class that gives you access to the recorded class. You listen again at your convenience to make sure you don’t miss any critical information.


Are you ready for year-end? 2014 Year-End Reporting Online

1042-S Year-End Reporting Online 2014 

1099 Year-End Reporting Online 2014

There are 3 Reporting Regimes in 2014 that you must be aware of to meet your year-end reporting obligations. Are you ready?

Section 6041 IRC requires 1099 reporting to certain U.S. persons on payments of FDAP income and mandatory 28% backup withholding for payees who have not provided required tax information.

Chapter 3 IRC (Sections 1441-1464) identifies current rules for 1042-S reporting and 30% withholding on payments of U.S. source FDAP income to non-U.S. persons. Withholding may be reduced or eliminated by a treaty or specific section of the IRC.

Chapter 4 IRC (Sections 1471-1474) identifies the NEW rules for  1042-S reporting and 30% withholding on payments of U.S. Source income to non-U.S. persons who have not provided information about U.S. account holders and owners to the IRS. FATCA is all about U.S. persons-not non-U.S. persons.

Learn How FATCA Impacts 1099 Reporting and the Future of Information Reporting
  • Allows compliance with all information reporting requirements using one process.
  • Provides rules for determining payee status based on documentation provided by the payee.
  • Defines applicable presumption rules in absence of documentation.
  • Identifies specific documentation requirements for 1099 and   1042-S audits.
  • Establishes reporting and withholding regimes. 


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