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Post Seminar Support Service

Updated for 2017

You will receive post-seminar support from our experts when you register and payment is made in full. You must complete a Seminar Evaluation. Your evaluation must include an email and phone number. When your questions are received at NCS we use your email to validate the class attended.  This saves alot of time for our staff and ensures you get the quickest response.

  • 2017 On-Line Seminars- 45 days following the date of the class. (Except Year-end Online — see next bullet.)
  • 2017 1099 or 1042-S Year-End Reporting Seminars (Live or Online) – 90 days following the date of the class or through the last day of February 2017 (whichever is longer).
  • We do not offer support when you purchase the recordings only of any of our classes.
  • Our individual webinars DO NOT include support unless they are purchased as part of an online seminar.

Please note that a link to download a recording of our Seminars will be provided AT NO CHARGE to all attendees who attended seminar and completed a seminar evaluation.

How it works

Once you register, pay for and attend one of our seminars and we receive your evaluation, you qualify for support services.  You will be able to email our tax team with your questions.

  • Email your questions to our experts. Instructions with email address will be included in your registration and/or seminar materials.
  • You will receive a response to your question within 5-7 business days. You may request a quicker response however we will not guarantee it as we answer questions in the order they were submitted.

Limitations in Scope of Services

We will answer general questions that relate to the topic covered in the class. If we receive questions on topics not covered in the class you attended we will let you know if we have a class that covers that topic and/or provide you with cost/time information for consulting services. If it is a question that does not relate to any topic we cover we will not respond to that question.

We cannot, generally, answer questions that go into detail on specific facts or transactions of your organization. We will respond to the question, based solely on the information provided if we feel that the answer is straight forward and doesn’t require additional information to answer. Otherwise we will provide general guidance for your reference. These types of questions generally involve a great deal of research into the policies and methods of your organization. They can rarely be answered on the initial set of facts/information provided. If we feel that the facts and question presented will require additional research and/or information gathering to answer we will let you know the time/cost associated with consulting services or recommend you speak with your tax attorney.

If we find your questions will require extensive or special research they may be subject to our hourly consulting fee. We will let you know the time/cost associated with consulting services or recommend you speak with your tax attorney.

A note to our clients: We provide this service as additional value to our seminars. We understand that it is a critical part of the services we provide and we are happy to provide it to our clients. Answering your questions helps keep us up-to-date on what concerns our clients have. We ask that you keep in mind that we have a large number of clients that have the same deadlines and requirements that you have, we want to be able to provide the best service possible to all our clients.

While we do not currently limit the number of questions a client may ask we have found that the majority of questions asked can readily, and more quickly, be answered by reviewing the materials provided in the seminar. When we receive these questions we will be pointing you to the reference in the materials. We ask that you try to review your materials prior to submitting questions. We will limit the number of questions to what we deem “reasonable” and notify clients if they are surpassing a reasonable use of this service.

There is no post-support for webinars. We do accept questions for one week following a webinar to clarify any questions regarding the general topic of the webinar. You must have registered, paid for and attended a webinar before we will respond to questions.

If you are interested in purchasing Tax Question Support for a specific time period please email and let us know what you need and we can send you a quote.

Phone Consultation

If you would like to speak with our tax team you can schedule a phone consultation. You can schedule an individual hour or schedule a private webinar with your team. Please contact or call us at 877-650-1099 if you’d like to schedule some time.  Client will be billed our hourly rate; we can provide an estimate prior to consultation.  Hourly Rate $300.00.


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